Some Definitions

1. Official Public Link: It is the link created by the platform when the user registers. It is unique for each user. For example:

Where 15b308e00fa0314c represents the unique code assigned by the platform to the user.

2. Public link with alias (Personalized Name): Once the user is registered, the platform allows the user to create a personalized alias link. For example:

Where the nethuber text after the "/" is the alias (Personalized Name). It has a limitation of 20 characters maximum, but can be changed without prior notice.

3. Profile Image: Corresponds to an image in jpg or png format preferably. It can be a photo if the profile is personal or a corporate logo if it is a business profile. The platform controls the size in bytes.

4. Description: Corresponds to a brief description of the user's profile. The platform controls the size in bytes 300 characters maximum, but it can be changed without notice.

5. Available Networks.

The user can display the information of the following networks.

i. Telegram channel


The User should ONLY enter the text netHuber in the platform and click [Update]. If you wish to delete the information, leave the box blank and click [Update].

ii. WhatsApp / Phone

The user must enter the information in the following format:

Do not start with the + sign. Start with the country code and then the whatsapp number, without blanks and with numeric characters only.

Example USA: 15513581524

Example Spain: 34911123456

iii. E-mail address

The user will be able to enter his email address. It can be different from the email address used to register which is private and is the user account. It must be a valid address.

iv. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Odysee / Rumble / Gab / Parler /Tik Tok/ Twitch / BitChute / YouMaker / DailyMotion / iVoox / Spreaker / Skype / Deezer Artist Channel / Spotify Artist Channel

You can place your user profile on these networks.

v. YouTube

The user has three (3) independent options: YouTube Channel, YouTube User Profile  and YouTube Play List

vi. Web Site.

This option allows you to publish the link to the web page that the user requires. Only pages that offer content with HTTPS secure protocol will be accepted.

vii. LinkedIn

The user has two (2) independent options: LinkedIn User Profile and LinkedIn Company.

vii. Location / address

The user can display his physical location (Address). To achieve a maximum approximation you should enter the information in this way:

Country, Region, Address

USA, Colorado, GreenPro Inc. 8401 95th St. Longmont, CO 80504


More options will be added soon.